Pressalit enters a sustainable collaboration with Hørkram

As part of our work with the UN development goals, Pressalit has entered a collaboration with Hørkram on the delivery of sustainable and organic food to Pressalit’s kitchen.

Pressalit works actively with the UN sustainability goals in order to support the sustainable development, and lower Pressalit’s environmental footprints. This is why Pressalit, as part of the work with the 12th sustainable goal about responsible consumption and production, has entered the collaboration with Hørkram. Going forward, Hørkram will be delivering sustainable and organic food to the Pressalit kitchen.

Organic and local food of the season

Like Pressalit, Hørkram takes a clear stance in relation to responsibility and sustainability, which is reflected in their focus on organic, seasonal, and high quality foods. This approach aligns with the Pressalit kitchen’s interest in local and quality foods of the seasons, as this is more sustainable.

Focus on food waste reduction

Besides from the focus on producing good and healthy food, both Pressalit and Hørkram also work with the reduction of food waste. At Pressalit, leftovers from the past week are served every Friday. Additionally, employees are allowed to take home the leftovers on Fridays in order to decrease the amount of wasted food even more.

Furthermore, organic waste from the kitchen and the buffet is collected and sent to Daka Refood, where it is used in the production of biogas. These initiatives illustrate how Pressalit works to think sustainability into all aspects of the business.