According to Helene, her job increases her life quality

Even though the alarm goes off at 4.15 in the morning, working at Pressalit and having good colleagues adds plenty of value to Helene’s everyday life.

Helene has been part of Pressalit for almost 8 years. She is one of the first people you meet in the morning when you arrive at the Pressalit headquarters’ administration.

Even though Helene struggles with muscle fatigue after a disease in her thyroid gland and a minor coronary thrombosis, she loves to go to work.

“Even though I am only working 16 hours a week, it means everything to me, to be able to go to work every morning and be with my colleagues”, Helene says.

Especially the inclusiveness and tolerance between the colleagues is a motivational factor for getting out of bed, when the alarm goes off at 4.15 in the morning.

“We are all in the same situation in the team that I am part of, so you never feel alone. It does not matter, whether you work 25, 15, or 12 hours a week, or why you work on flexible conditions. We are very accepting of each other, so no one judges you if you are having a bad day. In addition, we have an amazing team leader, who is always there, if we need to talk. She is worth gold!”, says Helene.

The social environment at Pressalit is, according to Helene, an essential part of what makes the company such a good place to work. In particular, the summer Pressalit invited all employees and their families to the festival ‘Smukfest’ in Skanderborg, stands out in Helene’s memory:

“It was such a nice day; we started the morning with a huge morning buffet, which was amazing – especially when you love food as I do. The atmosphere was fantastic in the food tent being in the middle of the woods with all your colleagues. Everywhere you went, you would meet somebody you knew, because so many from Pressalit took part in the event. It was simply an amazing experience!”.