Field trip to Jordan with UNICEF

Co-owner Dan Boyter and Senior Director Mette Dyhl visited a UNICEF WASH project in Jorden, to experience firsthand how Pressalit’s UNICEF sponsorship makes a difference in refugee camps.

Today, around 2.4 billion people do not use improved sanitation, and 663 million people do not have access to improved water sources. The impact of exposure to human faeces on this scale has a devastating impact upon public health, living and working conditions, nutrition, education and economic productivity across the world.

As part of Pressalit’s partnership with UNICEF, we take part in promoting the UNICEF WASH project to raise global awareness of poor water and sanitary conditions. From October 29th to November 1st, Co-owner Dan Boyter and Senior Director Mette Dyhl visit refugee camps in Jordan, in order to experience firsthand how the UNICEF WASH initiative makes a difference to a lot of people. During the visit in Jordan, Dan and Mette have the chance to meet and talk to children and families, who have been touched by the help and initiatives of the WASH project.

The partnership with UNICEF is part of Pressalit’s focus on UN’s sustainable development goal #6. Sanitation, toilets, and toilet seats are an essential part of Pressalit’s core business, which is why supporting the UNICEF WASH project lies close to the heart of Pressalit. Supporting UNICEF’s WASH team in improving water and sanitation services and basic hygiene practices all over the world thus aligns with Pressalit’s focus on being a sustainable and responsible company.

The featured video has special emphasis on SDG #4: Quality Education, which UNICEF's WASH project also supports. See the video and learn more about how UNICEF provide help for children in Jordan and what it means to Pressalit to be able to support this cause.