The winner of 2018’s Keep Living Award is…

The title as the para-athlete of 2018 goes to Stinna Tange, who has performed excellent in 2018, where she became a double World-Champion in para-dressage.

Every year, Pressalit present the Keep Living Award, in collaboration with Parasport Denmark, to a para-athlete, who has achieved extraordinary results throughout the past year. This year’s receiver of the award, Stinna Tange, has performed brilliantly, as she became the first Dane in para-dressage to ever become a double World-Champion.

At 2018’s World Championships, Stinna Tange and her horse “Smarties” were almost invincible, as they earned the double World-Championship-title together. Since the two sensational bronze-medals from the Paralympic Games in Rio in 2016, the equipage’s shape and performance has continuously improved.

The entire event culminated with the two gold medals at the individual program and the discipline kür at the World Championships in Tryon, US. On the very first day, Stinna and Smarties started out taking a gold medal in the individual dressage discipline with 72,735 percent and some days later, they were, of possible, even more convincing in the kür-discipline, where the gold was won with an impressive score of 78,947 percent.

The presentation of the Keep Living Award 2018 took place on January 23, in DGI-Huset in Vejle, Denmark. Stinna was up against a strong group of candidates, who had all achieved extraordinary results throughout the past year. Besides from Stinna, this group consisted of:

Peter Rosenmeier, para-table tennis, who won the second World Championship of his career.

Daniel Wagner, para-athletics, who took home two gold medals at the European Championships.

Sophie Walløe, para-table tennis, who won her first silver medal at the World Championships.

Cathrine Rosengreen, para-badminton, who secured a gold medal at the European Championships.

Nonetheless, Stinna ended up winning the award, and she was presented with the award along with 40.000 DKK by Pressalit’s co-owner, Dan Boyter. Besides from Pressalit’s sponsorship of Parasport Denmark, Dan Boyter is personally very involved and committed to the partnership, and he actively participates when the para-athletes compete all over the world.