Anne Katrine is a foodie with a capital F

Ever since Anne Katrine was a little girl, she has loved to cook. Now, she gets to live her passion for food in Pressalit’s kitchen, when cooks for the over 200 Pressalit-employees.

Anne Katrine has been part of the Pressalit kitchen for a little over three year, and the road has been a little out of the ordinary. Her journey in the kitchen began as an intern from the School of Production, where she was asked to continue as a Vocational School apprentice. However, before Anne Katrine got to finish her period of training, she was offered a permanent position as kitchen assistant at Pressalit.

Anne Katrine’s work tasks in the kitchen cover everything from ordering of goods and cleaning to cooking and serving of the food, but no matter what the tasks are, it is the love of food that motivates Anne Katrine:

I have always loved to cook, especially for many people at the same time. And then I am extremely lucky to work in a kitchen with a large focus on sustainability and reduction of food waste, because I hate to throw away food”, Anne Katrine says.

The Pressalit-kitchen has a particularly large focus on good and sustainable produce, just like the reduction of food waste is a particular areas of priority. This area of priority is also embedded in Pressalit's work with Sustainable Development Goal #12: Responsible Consumption and Production. According to Anne Katrine, it takes a good portion of collaboration and good colleagues to succeed, as everyone has to do their part and be able to step in and help if the need arises. This is especially helpful when the menu is made:

We use each other and on the internet as inspiration. We have to come up with a main course, side dishes, salads, etc., and then we have to order the deliveries. We rotate between the different tasks because it is hard to keep coming up with e.g. salads or main courses”, says Anne Katrine.

And then we have our annual extra events, which are a bit out of the ordinary, for instance our Christmas Party or the Christmas lunch for the homeless people. According to Anne Katrine, it is events like these where you really get to be creative, which makes it extra exciting to work at Pressalit.