Pressalit A/S acquires the Dutch agency Wijnbeek Sanitair B.V.

On March 1, 2019, Pressalit A/S acquires its Dutch agency, Wijnbeek Sanitair B.V., located in the Netherlands just outside Amsterdam.

Wijnbeek Sanitair has a long history with Pressalit A/S going back to the 1960’s. The agency has existed for 125 years and it is currently lead by Willem Hendrikse, selling various types of bathroom products and components for the home to wholesalers and plumbing companies in the Netherlands. 

According to CEO Kim Boyter, the main reason for the acquisition is market expansion: “We aim to strengthen our market position in the Netherlands, which is already strong within toilet seats. In addition, it is a market where we see potential for further growth within our other products”, says Kim Boyter.

The original collaboration between Wijnbeek Sanitair B.V. and Pressalit A/S was established by Kim Boyter’s father, Mogens Boyter, and thus Pressalit products have been an essential part of Wijnbeek Sanitair’s selection of products for a long time already.

From left: Sales Manager Nederland Willem H. Hendrikse, Sales Consultant Johan Boswinkel, CFO Thomas Brandt Pasgaard, Co-Owner Dan Boyter, CEO Kim Boyter, Sales Director Anders C. S. Jørgensen


CEO Kim Boyter adds: “Because Pressalit products make up such a large part of Wijnbeek Sanitair’s turnover, it seems very natural that Pressalit takes over the agency now”.
As mentioned, Pressalit toilet seats have long been part of Wijnbeek Sanitair’s assortment of products. With this acquisition, Wijnbeek Sanitair B.V. will also start selling Pressalit’s remaining product portfolio, including accessible bathroom solutions for bathrooms and kitchens.

This acquisition ensures further alignment in terms of our development enforcing the ONE Pressalit brand strategy on the Dutch market as well as encompassing all of the Pressalit product categories”, says Kim Boyter.

Wijnbeek Sanitair looks forward to the acquisition and Willem Hendrikse says: “We believe this takeover secures the continuation of our long-term corporation and it only formalizes what is already practice for some years as Pressalit has become the far most important agency within our portfolio. It will allow the Wijnbeek staff to fully concentrate on the challenges and chances ahead with Pressalit.  

He also adds: ”We are looking forward to become a member of the Pressalit family and we are eager to start up sales activities with a part of the Pressalit assortment we have not been working with today.“