Pressalit donates clothes to a good cause

In line with Red Cross’ annual ”Smid Tøjet” (Drop your clothes)-campaign, Pressalit’s employees donated a whole bunch of clothes and shoes to the charity.

Every year in Spring, Red Cross Denmark runs a campaign, called “Smid Tøjet” (drop your clothes), which encourages the Danes to clean out their closets and donate the clothes, they no longer use, to Red Cross, who distribute the clothes to various charitable cases locally and globally.

Some of the clothes from the donation will be given to Danish people in difficult situations, who are struggling with affording clothes themselves. Other clothes will go to destinations around the world, where people in crises are in desperate need for clothes as well.

The campaign ran at Pressalit from April the 8th until April the 12th. In between this period of time, the employees turned in bags filled with clothes at the reception and eventually a large number of bags had been collected for the cause.

Due to our continuous work with UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and our special emphasis on goal 4, 6 and 12, Red Cross’ campaign was an obvious opportunity to contribute further to achieving these goals.

By encouraging our employees to donate their clothes to Red Cross and supporting people in need locally and globally, we add to the fight for SDG number 12: Responsible Consumption and Production. By donating our used clothes to this cause where other people will be able to get use of it, instead of throwing it out, we add to a more responsible approach to consumption and production.

Therefore, we were very happy to contribute to this good cause and we are excited that so many of our employees voluntarily chose to support the good cause with their donations of clothes.